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Welcome to Blooming Fitness

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Hello! Thank you for taking a look at the first blog from Blooming Fitness. Blooming Fitness is a Personal Training brand ran by myself, Anna - qualified PT by day, mum of 2 beautiful boys by night.

Becoming a mum is most likely the single most important thing you'll ever do. It is a beautiful experience (most parts of it!) but you very quickly become last on your list of things to look after. Most midwives will tell you- " a happy mum means a happy baby" and that is so true!

I started Blooming Fitness as a way to engage mums and mums-to-be in fitness and exercise. Just 1 session a week can tick so many boxes; exercise, fresh air, a change of scenery, socialising and bonding with your baby, to name a few.

I've had a varied relationship with exercise throughout my life. As a child I loved team sports but shuddered at the thought of cross country (I know every excuse in the book). As a young adult I attended classes of whatever the latest craze was and then in my early career I travelled a lot, so spent most of my time in hotel gyms. I even began to run and completed a few charity 5km races with friends.

During my first pregnancy I struggled to find anything or anyone to support me through that unknown time, leading to me doing very little exercise. As it was my first baby I was worried what effect exercise may have on my little bubba. I struggled with my first pregnancy, with high blood pressure eventually leading to me being induced followed by a long and tiring labour with lots of pain relief and help.

I got back into exercise through sheer determination and had my maternity leave in the sunshine (for the first part) allowing me to get out there and walk with my baby. The desire to have some me time got me back into running and with the help of a PT, I booked my first 10km run. I loved that 6am run, out for an hour and back before my little boy woke at 7am. With help from this PT, I had the confidence to exercise throughout my second pregnancy, we researched together to see what I could and shouldn't do. Well, no pregnancy is a breeze but this one was pretty close. Text book blood pressure, quick labour with gas and air and home within 5 hours of giving birth. And, I was back running (in a fashion!) the day of my 6 week check. This experience had a massive impact on me- and I decided that Blooming Fitness was a way for me to help other women going through this wonderful but stressful time.

With Blooming Fitness I offer a range of activities to suit the modern pre and post natal mum. Personal training sessions in your own home, mum and baby exercise classes, buggycise park sessions, circuit classes where children are welcome and couch to 5km running classes to name a few.

The theory behind Blooming Fitness is more than just me being a female Personal Trainer in Staffordshire. It's finding what exercise you want to do and realistically can do , so that it can be maintained. It's incorporating exercise into your daily life and your baby into exercise. It's giving you the confidence to exercise when you've had a caesarian or are carrying your first baby. It's encouraging socialising with other mums and boosting your mood during the long days on maternity leave.

It's designed by mums for mums.

Can't wait to see you for some Bloomin' fun with your beautiful babies

Anna x

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