BLOOMING FITNESS is a Fitness, Exercise and Well-being brand ran by myself Anna Cartwright - qualified PT, fitness enthusiast and mum of 2. 


Blooming Fitness was first created to cater especially for the needs of women,  throughout pregnancy and beyond. Now, we offer a range of exercise plans and classes suitable for everyone. Working on an easy to use booking system - my exercise plans are perfect for busy mums, and include entirely flexible, options, and locations.

  • 1 on 1, couples or groups of 3 Personal Training Sessions

  • Babies-welcome Exercise Classes

  • 'Return to Exercise' Post-natal Classes

  • Running training, Couch to 5k training and Walking Classes

  • Sports Massage

with someone
who understands 
your needs.


I was the child that loved team sports but hid when it came to cross country lessons at school. I've always gone to gyms and exercised at home, but as soon as my first pregnancy came around, I struggled to keep it up. I longed to find exercises that were safe and sure for both myself and my baby. But with no such luck.

Along with this, my first pregnancy didn’t go exactly to plan. With my blood pressure sky high, it lead to me being induced with lots of pain relief, and was not the pregnancy that I had hoped for. The second time round, I was prepared. I had a Personal Trainer who supported me and gave me the confidence to train throughout my pregnancy. This time, my blood pressure was fantastic, giving me a completely different experience of labour. Seeing many of my pregnant friends struggle with the same issues - I decided that Blooming Fitness was a way for me to help women as someone had once helped me.

With regards to exercise, I love to mix up my training - from cycling to circuits, running half marathons (yes the girl who got out of cross country!) to weight training and team sports, I love it all. Swimming when the weather is right and mud runs just for fun, it's so easy to find exercise that you can enjoy with your family and friends. And this is what I want to share with you. Ditch the 100 morning sit ups and boring squat challenges - we can find exercises together, that you will love to do and look forward to doing. The key to sticking with exercise, is to genuinely enjoy it.




1 on 1, couples or small groups of up to 3.



Babies Welcome

Walking & running 

Walking classes, couch to 5K runs, & running training.


Rest, recover and feel great with our massage therapy sessions.



Can I bring my little ones?

Absolutely! That’s what Blooming Fitness is all about 😊 They can play, sit, eat, watch, sleep whatever they feel during the session. The studio is equipped with mats, changing facilities, toys and chairs for little ones.

I have abdominal separation- are the classes safe?

Absolutely! The antenatal and post natal qualification held by the instructors have special training for that exact condition and others that are associated with pregnancy and child birth. We are happy to adapt any exercise to take these things into consideration.

What do I need to bring?

Wear comfortable clothes, clean trainers (not to muddy!) and bring a towel and a drink. We do have a shower onsite should you wish to use this after a class. Water is available at the venue to top up and also kitchen facilities for feed preparation. 

Do I need to bring my little one to get in?

Not at all. Blooming Fitness is all inclusive and everyone is welcome. If grandma offers to babysit you are still welcome to attend class.

How do I know if I have Diastasis recti?

We are happy to check for you with a simple test that requires the instructor to feel your stomach whilst you lie down.

How do I book?

Head to "Book Online" in our main menu, here choose from the dropdown options of "Personal Training", "Classes" or "Therapies" and select the item you'd like to book.

Do I have to be a mum to come along?

Exercise should be made inclusive for everyone! That’s why at blooming fitness we welcome grandmas, grandads, dads, aunts, friends along too! And if you don’t have children you are still welcome to join as long as you don’t mind little ones being around whilst you work out. 

Are there packages for the classes?

Yes! Pop over to the booking page for information of the various packages from single session to blocks of 10 and monthly membership plans. We also have bootcamps running throughout the year.